Alter Vú - Dead Reckoning - Free until Halloween

2016-08-27 05:24:24 by SuperTom

Hey guys, as mentioned a long ass time ago in my previous news post,

"Newgrounds being my first launchpad of sorts and like I say, first opportunity, I want to reward it somehow. It may be through through a few free copies of the game or something else"


Yeah, that's a thing I said, so I thought it best to throw the word out there that I've made the game free for a while, leading up to what I hope to be a new game annoucement around the end of October. But yeah, while it's free, help yourselves!

App Store -  

Trailer - 

Say hi on the tweeter @_mrTom_ would love to know what you guys think, response to the first game on here back in 2008 was pretty good, and I appreciate ya for it, it's been inspiring, good god I'm getting old. 


Alter Vú - Dead Reckoning Reboot coming soon.

2015-06-02 07:14:00 by SuperTom


Once again it's been an age since the last update, but it has been a busy age. 

Dead Reckoning started off as a little experiment 7 years ago. My first little horror point and click game, which ended up on thefFront page here on Newgrounds. Needless to say this was more than a little inspiring and is probably the key reason I am where I am now, working full time in game design.

Looking back  it's not even that good :p, but it stands by the original vision, to make something a little odd and with character and we all start somewhere aye?

I don't want to write an essay but, in short, I've been working on a little side solo project outside of work. Learning to make mobile games. Honing my Photoshop, audio editing and programming skills.

This solo project is what I'm calling a reboot of Dead Reckoning, new story, new everything, same atmosphere and feeling. It's now called Alter Vú.

The last time I posted here it was just a screenshot, the game is now complete and in the final stages of polish and review. 

This time I don't come sooo empty handed, here's the first teaser trailer. I said in the previous blog that now I'm all old and stuff, it does have to make money hense it being a mobile game. No ads though, I intend to make it as cheap as possible, just like every artist all we want is for our creations to be shared to a big audiance so that's always in my mind.

There will be giveaway codes, rewards and freebies to those who get involved with the sharing, to select Let's Players. But no specifics yet. Would be nice to get your thoughts on what you would like?

Newgrounds being my first launchpad of sorts and like I say, first opportunity, I want to reward it somehow. It may be through through a few free copies of the game or something else, again what works? I'm open to suggestions, if this game does well enough, I'm not opposed to creating a Flash version.


I intend to use that youtube channel to become a sort of 'Making of', full of tutorials and walkthroughs, a hands on, breakdown of creating a game for iOS in Swift, as with anything it comes down to who's interested. So feel free to comment here or there, subscribe, share and all that social stuff. At the end of the day, communication is key to getting anything done!


Say hi on the tweeter @_mrTom_



Have a lovely day!

Dead Reckoning Update

2013-06-12 15:03:07 by SuperTom

Little update for anyone still out there.. it has been a very long time since Dead Reckoning.
But as of today it's fair to say... it's coming along ;)
When there's enough to show, i'll release more information.
Right now, the game is a re-imagining of the same idea.
It's going to take quite a while longer, but at some point, I'll start updating progress through social medias.
To make the game I can imagine, I've put time aside to improve my skills and pool resources.

Platform is as of yet undecided, it's Retina display resolution and it needs to make money, but we'll see.
Here's a preview, high res in Dropbox.

Dead Reckoning Update

'Dead Reckoning 5D - Redux' eh, what?

2011-04-12 05:49:15 by SuperTom

This is a cut out from my latest blog, where i'm trying to be based these days, but it's pretty relevant since it all started on Newgrounds :) Linked to my blog at the bottom of this post, if anyone's played or a fan of my stuff, find me on my blog or twitter and i'll glady follow back.

So with Dead Reckoning 1 and 2 (links on the right) now reaching about 600k views from various places on the net, I figured why not go on about that for a bit. For anyone that's played them it's pretty clear a 3rd is intended and always has been planned that way, they're also by no means a showcase of brilliant programming, however the obvious excuses of University, work and lack practice shall be applied here in my defence.

A new plan was put together at some point to one day get back on this and put my new programming degree skills to the test, my dissertation may look like a "Campus Tour Guide", but stealthily, all the elements in it are actually useable for the sequel and my planned remake of the first two, a working inventory, customizable characters, loads of stuff, I think that's pretty ninja really. Also as I'm sure I've mentioned before, programming is not my desired path, so I'm also taking this opportunity to practice my 3d-age and digital painting, still havn't decided whether to take on another degree so I actually learn all this stuff properly but oh well.

I'll be remaking 1 and 2 and adding 3 to a package called Dead Reckoning: Redux, I'd like to make this an iPhone/ something dealio, but of course work comes first, I have never even looked at iOS, so this all may never happen, or I may stick to Flash, but after 5 long ass years of planning, sketching and imagining I've got some pretty nasty images I'd like to share and a rather messed up story. We'll see.

For some images of my 3d works on the possible Dead Reckoning remake, head over to the blog.

My Blog - Eruditio-Artifex
Me on Twitter

Dead Reckoning: Halcyon Revelation

2009-08-07 16:21:13 by SuperTom

Yeah, not sure how many people remember the original, but it's about a year ago it hit front page, the next in the Dead Reckoning series will be released before September '09 :)

Dead Reckoning: Halcyon Revelation

My Website & Dead Reckoning: Part 2..

2008-08-22 19:02:57 by SuperTom

Now with added PS3 Trophy guides. Schwing!

P.S. Dead Reckoning: Part 2 is looking pretty so far, thanks for all suggestions and reviews, but it's still a long way off, I want it to wipe the floor with the first, it won't be released until i'm 100% satisfied with it.

My Website & Dead Reckoning: Part 2..

My Best Efforts..

2008-07-20 20:11:13 by SuperTom

Yo dudes and dudettes, first up thanks to everyone who's viewed/ reviewed my game "Dead Reckoning", I'm insanely chuffed with the response in general, front page was on my list of things to do before dieing but I wasn't planning on going or it for a few years so cheers to the big T for that.

I was gonna update this thing with a few hints as to what kinda stuff to expect next as the first one hit 100k views, it just ht 125,000 so I'm a little behind hah. Also, I'm gonna try and plough through as many of your messages and reviews as possible tonight, I've been working on DR2 and other stuff.

Since fair few people say their looking forward to part 2, I've decided to go back to the drawing board a bit and am throwing all my best efforts into the graphics, game play, story etc are all being tweaked quite alot to try and make sure the next part completely wipes the floor with the first, rather than just releasing more of the same.

Turns out I've learnt a few things from my course doing Java at Uni heh, never knew it translated to action script so easily, this has helped a tonne, making part 2s game play, alot smarter, logical and all round more awesome.

Game Stuff

Been playing way to much Burnout: Paradise, extreeeme game with genius online stuff, plus, this and Warhaaawk will probably be the next games to get trophies. Awesome.

Flash Stuff

Dead Reckoning part 2 (name may be changed at some point) is going good, as I said, I've taken it back to the drawing board, so it's gonna be a fairly long wait, but it's gotta be done before the end of September since at University I have absolutely no time to work on it, crossing my fingers it'll be done on time.

So far I'm going to be alot more ambitious with it,:
Graphics are more heavy and realistic, but I'm throwing in quality control.
Torch is now improved.
You now have an Inventory.
Reloading will be an issue in keeping alive, depending on your accuracy.
Puzzles will slow you down.
In some cases you'll be timed before your situation becomes alot worse. Your also going to have allies in some points.
blah blah blah <insert here stuff other people say when they're advertising scary games>

Also the story gets pretty complicated, so expect a story walk through on my site at release time, for both games, I think the story I've come up with is unique and pretty heavy, so i'd be a shame if it get's missed out.

Lastly I'm trying to create a kind of karma system i which you'll be able to look at everything through two different ways. Investigatory and Hostile, these will effect the way the game plays out.


Theres a new fucking Starship Troopers film out! It doesn't completely suck nut sack (in the way the first one didn't) Go watch it.


In short, I think this pic sums up my game better than I every could:

My Best Efforts..

My First Game..

2008-07-08 08:38:27 by SuperTom

Ooops, just read through my last post on this, almost a year ago now and shiiiit do I suck at time keeping, apparently I promised this game for a September release, hah, oh dear.

The game is now named and part 1 is complete. Dead Reckoning, a first person, semi free roaming, action, mystery, horror game. Swish, check it out, links below. I'm also gonna be taking ideas on board from comments etc, so if you fancey having your enemy designs in a game, throw them at me and i'll take 'em into consideration. Hope you enjoy it. Part 2 should be out soonish and action packed.

Dead Reckoning

Dead Reckoning Walkthru, click 'Other' then 'Walkthru's'
Real Life Stuff

I've now been at home, doing sweet f'a' for about a month now, finished my first year of University in Aberystwyth (most unnecessarily complicated name in the world) doing Computer Visualization, Graphics and Games :/ which has turned out to basically be Computer Science, and fucking difficult, got my results a few days ago and did my usual thing of scraping threw, Yay! So that's next year planned out. For anyone trying to make the decision on whether to go to Uni or not, I strongly reccommend it, when people say it's the best years of their lives, they're not lying.

Game Stuff

Since the last post I've actually caved in and spent a decent portion of my student loan on an XBox 360, I don't regret the choice, Gears of War, awesome, Halo 3, alright, but everyone already knows that. My favorite is still the PS3, it's just tidier in my opinion.

PS3 just got a highly wanted after update introducing trophies, currently just the one game is using the system is Super Stardust HD, I'll review it lower down, but in short, it's totally worth buying, and the expansions. If anyone on here is looking for guides on trophy hunting and shiz, my website is going to be updated with trophy hints etc as I get them myself.

Flash Stuff

Dead Reckoining part 1, is done, after literally a bajilion different looks and changes to everything, story, gameplay, name, i've seriously made about 12 different games tring to get this how I want it. I'm just pissed off that i've had to release it as two parts due to broken FLA files and size limits, the story and action are pretty cut off from eachother now >=( but pfft, part 2 should be epic.

Web Stuff

I now have a new website, that is at a stage where I'm not embaressed to throw into the public, it's not finished, but has a fair bit of content, and shed loads more incoming, and while i'm at home doing nothing, there's a good chance it'll be looked after regularly. Stuff you can find there includes:
My Games/ Animations, Walkthru's & Concept Developer Stuff for my stuff, Guide on getting PS3 trophies, it's going to fill out over time, I think i'll add reviews or something, but overall i'm happy with it.

My Opinions on stuff that people probably don't care about.

Game of the Week -

Supar Stardust HD- PSN 9/10
Gameplay -Arcade style shooter, addictive as hell, as is collecting trophies.
Graphics - Insanely good for a cheap game, HDtastic, screen literally filled fill explosions and stuff.
Story - Shoot stuff flying around different planets, epic.
Overall - 9 - Awesome addictive fun, with the Trophy update

Flash of the Week

My favorite flash i've seen/ played this week would have to be
MGS:: Flash Collab DISC 01, Metal Gear Solid is awesome, dick jokes are awesome, and there's alot of talented authors in there, awesome.

Random Quote

"That's 'cos I been drinking bitch." = I demand everyone see Hancock, awesome movie, this quote should be used to reply to anything, ever.

Epic sized blog thing again, I'm doing myself proud, go play my game!
Add me to PSN: XxSuperTomxX

My God...

2007-07-18 09:21:13 by SuperTom

I actually don't think I can put into words how awesome this site looks now, like most of you I'd been waiting for it and almost lost hope, but jesus, they delivered, so congrats to them on that. This user page thing is awesome.

So I know i'm not one of the big names on the site but fuck it, i'm working my arse off on a few things at the minute, and could do with a break, so here goes.

Real Life Stuff

Just an hour ago finished my final A level exam, and passed (by one mark) what a load off though, it involved coding and shit for a thing called Oracle, not my cup of tea. So that's it schools over, i'm now a free agent up until September where i'll probably be moving to the sunny country wales. To study Computer Visualization, Graphics and Games, fun fun. So now this summer is all about finishing my FPS game, mentioned lower down, drinking to the point that I forget the first 18 years of school work, and getting another job to prepare for the booze fest that will be University. (I hope).

Game Stuff

I'm gonna take a wild guess that the majority of the internet and there mum currently own a 360 or a wii, not me, i'm not against them, but I don't think I could go without MGS4 so it was the obvious choice, I went for a PS3 at the UK launch, and to this day (especially thanks to the latest E3) am chuffed with it, if anyones got one and fancies and extra name on there buddy list add me. PSN = XxSuperTomxX

Proud owner of Resistance: Fall of Man, PM me on there for an ass kicking.
and more recently Ninja Gaiden Sigma.. fuck me, not a game to be taken lightly, so fast and furious, difficult as balls, love it.

Flash Stuff

While i've left most of my flash's with cliff hanger endings, in all honesty, I currently have nothing in development relating to my previous stuff. I'm leaving all that till a way later time, if ever, first things first, i'm attempting to broaded my skills and portfollio.

About 6 months ago I threw a few things together and ended up with a half built, unreleased shooter game, with the current boom in FPS games on the market I got inspired to fix it up, and make it something different.

After roughly two months in development i'm finally feeling like my horror game (currently un-named) is coming together, at the moment it's more of an interactive story with a bit of shooter element, but by the end of it, i'm hoping to have something I can be proud of for years to come. The story combines elements seen in games like F.e.a.r through to Obscure, and movies such as Hostel and The Ring, but a the core is fairly unique for a flash game, with stuff i personally haven't seen done in flash before. It's still got a way to go, but with school finished, i'm aiming to have it done before September this year. Maybe in a furture post i'll throw out some screen shots.

Web Stuff

Although i'm actually pretty happy with my freewebs site, there's a ton of resitrictions it has on ya, like flashes not fitting on pages, and in general Freewebs sites are seen as amaturish. I've semi-finished a website made with a strange but useful program caleld Antenna, i'd reccommend it, it's pretty good with website building and the basics, blah blah. Once that's hosted i'll be linking to it from here.

My Opinions on stuff that people probably don't care about.

Game of the Week -

Ninja Gaiden Sigma - PS3 8/10
Gameplay -The fasted most intense gameplay i've ever experianced.
Graphics - On par with Resistance, Very nice on a big HDTV.
Story - Not great tbh, I think that's the one area Devil may Cry 4 will outright shit all over this.
Overall - 8 - worth the money if you didn't already play it on the XBOX.
Flash of the Week

My favorite flash i've seen/ played this week would have to be
Monster Basement, out of alot of the stuff i've played this felt very immersive, had some good twists and an impressive story to it. Alongside great sound and visuals. If you haven't already given it a go, I strongly reccommend you check it out, aswell as the rest of his submissions, all great stuff.

There we go, this should make my user page a good portion bigger, all comments will be replied to, if you're still reading, i'm both impresssed and horrified, well done. Till next time, chao.