Entry #9

Alter Vú - Dead Reckoning - Free until Halloween

2016-08-27 05:24:24 by SuperTom

Hey guys, as mentioned a long ass time ago in my previous news post,

"Newgrounds being my first launchpad of sorts and like I say, first opportunity, I want to reward it somehow. It may be through through a few free copies of the game or something else"


Yeah, that's a thing I said, so I thought it best to throw the word out there that I've made the game free for a while, leading up to what I hope to be a new game annoucement around the end of October. But yeah, while it's free, help yourselves!

App Store - http://appsto.re/gb/SsWC7.i  

Trailer - https://youtu.be/HA2VARAR9_4 

Say hi on the tweeter @_mrTom_ would love to know what you guys think, response to the first game on here back in 2008 was pretty good, and I appreciate ya for it, it's been inspiring, good god I'm getting old. 



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2016-08-27 06:20:12